Quick Question on JFC?


I'm creating a small test harness for a web application. I was wanting to use Java, Swing and JFC. I know that for MFC there is a wizard available which helps to create the skeletons of the GUI for you ... I know I'm being lazy, but with little GUI experience I thought it would be handy if there was the same thing for JFC ... does anybody know of any?

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ozymandiasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not aware of any myself.

BTW, Swing and JFC are the same thing.
Swing was the name of the project that developed the Java Foundation Classes (JFC), and the name kinda stuck.

mmckeeverAuthor Commented:
Ah well, worth a try ... I wasn't too hopeful, thanks for letting me know and putting me right with the Swing/JFC thing :o)
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