reinstalling red hat 7.0

I have recently installed Redhat 7.0. Everything is working fine with redhat 7.0, but still there are some minor problems and the system hangs up frequently. Can someone tell me how do i re-install redhat 7.0. I have the official redhat CDs. Do i have to delete
the partitions? I was looking for information on the web but was of nouse. Do i have to unistall before reinstalling?. a step by step procedure will be greatly appreciated.
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No You dont have to partiton th edrive again You can use the existing one. If you had made some configuration then Repair the Installation by making a bootable floppy. If you want to install fresh just use the coustom i
installation and follow the steps.


You dont need to re-partition, and unless you have important data you want to keep, you can simply re-install.

While you are at it, get redhat 7.1 and install that is better than 7.0 and reduces many bugs in 7.0

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I've been through multiple reinstalls with 7.1 (I am not going to admit how many)
What I usually do is use the expert option and then say `partition with disk druid". It will show you the lists of partitions but not what you used them for before (you can possibly find out what partitions are what before the reinstall). Then use the edit option in disk druid to reassign the same directories to each partition (unless you want to change partition sizes then used the delete then use add partition). Then chose the format options (unless there is one you do not want to format to save information). Chose what packages you want to install and let it go. My system I can do a reinstall in less than 30 minutes (actually probably 10 to chose settings then come back in 15 and change CDs). I tend to install, try different settings and if it acts up start from scratch. You can download the 7.1 images or find a friend with a cd-burner and have him download them for you and burn some CD's. I used RH7.0, SuSe (latest), downloaded Mandrake, and finally got RH7.1. The 7.1 does a better job of finding some of the hardware I have so I prefer it. The others gave me a feel for the different ways Linux is distributed and the differences in how things could be set up.
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