How can I test how long it takes for ColdFusion Server to parse my templates?
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YogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to coldfusion administrator - click on debugging - then add your ip address at the bottom so that you can see procesing times when you run the page in browser..
There are so many options like "Show processing time - shows the time, in milliseconds, to process the entire page. " - a checkbox for this etc. So enable debugging and look for whatever you need in the output

Also, there is a CFSETTING Tag , if you do
<CFSETTING SHOWDEBUGOUTPUT="No" >, this will override the administrator and you wont be able to see anything. So incase if this is available in the application.cfm or any other file you want to see make it.

After doing this restart server so these changes to work..
jamathonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could use <cfset start=gettickcount()> at the begining of the template and <cfset end=gettickcount()> at the end of the template. The difference between these is the number of milliseconds the template took to execute.
This could then be stored in a dbase or mailed to you. This may increase the template time but the result above will show the time taken prior to storring the result.

Another alternative is in the administrator under logging you can set cf to log templates taking longer than a certain time to execute.
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