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Surojitseal, help please - re: Start button

Surojitseal, here on ExEx sometimes questioners got confused and by pushing wrong button awarding wrong expert. Yet sometimes, some questioners going to the community support board, asking there for correction of mistake in the 0 point thread. You did today something more. To be fair - you asked there for help and put additional points in that thread? Why is it so important to you??

We live in weird word, when someone does something normal, that amuses us.
I'm here for fun only, not for points, credits etc. Nor am I looking for some sort of recognition. In fact some oldtimers may remember me as an expert who was refusing to accept any points. That's one of the reasons why I'm here very rarely. Unfortunately for me, nowadays, this has changed :( and now questioner dont even need experts submission as an answer, for awarding him candy, oops points:). What I am trying to say here, is that you voluntarily spend additional points (read welth) for awarding expert who doesnt care about points, grades etc.
Weird, this never happend with me here. Anyways, I want just to show you my deep appreciation.
Here's 100 times more then what you have spent in community support board. You wanna be fair,
then - me too.

Now the business part of this thread. I'm not sure how much it will be legitimate, but we can try. ExEx need to put something to the PAQ.

Here's quote from your thread: ..I know how to patch this file to change START menu button
name.. Well, that's OK with me, schare your knowledge, post your solution ....
and lets compare - is it similar to Win95:)

Below is quote from me, thread /qShow.jsp?ta=win95&qid=10067222
date: 07/27/1998

Download this: http://home.t-online.de/home/pic16c84/Start.exe
Freeware and there nothing will be added to your system or registry.
This prg will help U change "Start" on the button.
U can put there any word(s) 5 letters or LESS. U can try for example change Start to Do it.

If U are experienced with hexeditor - direct change in Explorer.exe, like this:

#SIZE 204288
#CHKSUM 845F36C7
0002DF0C: 53  
0002DF0E: 74  
0002DF10: 61
0002DF12: 72
0002DF14: 74
That will be "Start", or change to anyting else.
!!! CAREFUL!!! If U dont know what is it, DONT do that, I'm posting this just as reference.
BTW there many other thing, which U can change in Start menu. Dont like Start button icon, download this: http://wwl.simplenet.com/startart/StartArt.zip also freeware and 3 sample icons included, or direct hack User.exe (only for experienced, icon 105 there).
And there still many more other things, what U can do with Start menu:)


Thank you.
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1 Solution
Thanks happy1. I use Microangello (icon editor) to open user.exe and replace the 1st icon with one of my choise, and presto, Start button icon changes. I really do not like to use 3rd party patch programs to hack/modify WINDOWS system files. Who knows whether they work unless they explicitly check ver. & file size before modifing system files?
Bye the way, if YOU do not have any Question for me, why have you put up 300 pts. in this question? :-(
happy1Author Commented:
Well, I had asked - ...share your knowledge, post your solution... and you just did it.
Now can you please post link for me to Microangelo site in (part 2), next to this thread.

Thank you.
BTW, I don't like either any 3rd party hacks which targeted any Windows system files, functions. That's include any Windows core files; FAT(32), defragment, AVP, Registry, Network security, etc.., related programs and many more to mention here.. Unless these are open source hacks, or I have opportunity to unpack/disassemble them - I will be very suspicious to use any of them. There's always a risk (additional to possible malicious intent) that some simple patch will just not work for you. Even worse it will trash your system. No 3rd party programmer can know my system better then me.

You can visit http://www.impactsoftware.com/ for Microangello. (if you do not mind encouraging hacking of legal software, try http://fosi.ussr.to/ or http://kickme.to/FOSI)

I hava a software called MagicFolder which is able to hide (and I mean HIDE it really good) any file or folder. This s/w can change DOS CHKDSK since running check disk with /f option can change the FAT entry. Also this s/w has a added utility that can alter command.com so that even if you boot straignt to DOS the folders are still hidden. So you see what I mean by 3rd party software hacking the system files. Also there is a site http://www.warezcrawler.com/ that will change the default search site in IE5 to its home and the only way to restore it is to edit the windows registry.
Thanks for the 300 pts.
happy1Author Commented:
Hey Surojitseal, sorry - I absolutely forgot to check back, can you please put answer in

These points are for you too.
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