How can I put a delay on my realtime feed using comms hardware ?

The exchange I am working in currently provides data on a realtime basis. Now there is a need to put a delay eg. 15 minutes to some end-users. Can I achieve this by changing the comms hardware configuration ? FYI, we are using DECRouter and CISCO routers.


PS: I know that changing the apps would be a way out but right now we want to consider hardware base solutions.
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geoffrynConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So you need to delay data transmission by 15 minutes?  It will never work.  The hardware is only working at the network layer and what you propose would break the TCP sessions.  The routers cannot cache and forward packets 15 minutes later.  They would require an unreal packet buffer if they even had that capability.
I agree with geoffryn. You would need some type of caching server with storage space to hold the data that is to be delayed...
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