can .swf be modified?

well, i just donno whether the .swf files can be modified or not, or may be some program that might "record" the file? is that possible??
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jeffbeasleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might try looking at this product.
Buraks Action Script Viewer allows you to extract code and symbols from swf files.
This tool was created for individuals that might have lost there master file.

Why would you want to do that?  There may be a different solution to the same problem.

KKruiAuthor Commented:
well, basically i know this can't be done, just asking if anyone has an idea.
to "record" means to record in .fla form to be modified.
but i do think this is not possible. :)
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The only thing I could suggest, if the swf file is protected from import, is to use a program called Gif.gIf.giF which you can use to make an animated gif from an area of the screen, specifying the fps rate you want.

You could then import that gif, but it would be difficult to make changes to it, depending on what it is/what changes you want to make.

Not much help, I know, but you may be able to use it.

visit swift tools

visit swift inspector, thats a flash viewer.

Good luck

you can modify the .swf file.
i have the tool.
tell me exactly what you want to do and i'll do it for you.

BUT the only thing is that i'll charge for my service for this one especially.

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