How to delete a device driver?

Hi, my new PC has 1394 card and come with a video
editing software.  Now the video editing software
failed to work, and I goto the web site of the company,
they said their software will only work with
microsoft 1394 driver and I need to remove the current
TI 1394 driver. So I goto device manager, and remove
the TI 1394 driver. Then I tried to add new hardware
, the computer find the 1394 card and give me no option
and immediately install the TI 1394 driver again.
I guess maybe I should totally remove the TI 1394
driver from hard disk in order to have computer prompt
me a choice.  But how can I do that? I don't know
the filename for the driver.


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MicrosoftConnect With a Mentor Commented:

go to control panel

device list

click on the currentl device and then properties

then driver details

this will tell you the name of the drive and where it is located

alls you need to do is then put that path into explorer and delete that file.

then click on update driver and give it the path of the new driver.

thats it.
you dont need to mess about with any .INF file.

you shouldnt have to do that .



You will need to delete the associated .inf files from your machine. If you have Win9x, they are in c:\windows\inf, for Win2k, they are in c:\winnt\inf.
After removing it you could then select HAVE DISK and then either install from floppy or from the hard drive location.
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You have to tell your computer that you have removed hardware.  Try Start-Settings-Options Add/remove hardware
NickLo, that would be what is being done when removing it from device manager.  By the way, the wizard is Add New Hardware and it ha snothing to do with removing hardware.
xiao, please reject the proposed answer so that other experts can continue to help on this,
Sorry I was unable to help.
xiaoxiangzAuthor Commented:
I will try Microsoft's comment this weekend and see if
it works.
Thank a lot.
You also don't need to delete that file.  Just Update Driver and tell it where the new file is located.
This might not be the way to do it but I've tried before and it works for me.

First of all, you'll have to know what is the exact .inf file name of your driver. The only way to find out is through your floppy a: (driver disk) or when you are at the stage of installing a new hardware, where you can actually select havedisk option. You'll be able to see a few .inf files and you have to copy down the file names, then you can start to search your entire harddisk for that file name, by pressing the Start menu, then Find, then files or folders. If the driver file is within your harddisk it will show out in the result, then you'll have to select that file name and delete it from there.

he doesnt have to mess in the inf file.

he just has to do what Microsoft or Slink9 have said, which is pretty much the same.

there suggestions should work fine.

hence why there is an upgrade driver option within windows devices.

Sorry just a small comment..... :(
I am assuming that your "1394" card is a video card?  In most cases, you have to use the "update driver" button in device manager to CHANGE BACK TO THE STANDARD VGA driver, reboot, and THEN point it to your preferred driver using the "update driver" function again.  REMOVING the driver from device manager will simply result in Windows trying to reinstall what IT FEELS is the best driver for the device and if the "inf" is there, you won't be able to stop it.  I would use this method rather than trying to delete the inf itself.---Fitz
You can go to your register and delete the settings there.

I assume that the "Answer" was not accepted by xiaoxiongz.
I have one option on my computer and that is "Post a Comment".
A register is a temporary memory and anyway how do you expect xiaoxiongz to access it Mr zouyng? I would like to know more about how to delete a driver from a register.

The best method of deleting a device driver was given by Andy from microsoft.  It is possible that your driver is listed in the "Sound, Video and Game Controllers".  Find it, highlight it, click on the "Properties" button then on "Driver" tab and finally click on the "Driver File Details" select a new driver or put the path into explorer, delete the unwanted file and then click on "Update Driver" and enter the path of the new driver.

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