File System Security in Win2k/Win NT 4 environent

My question has to do with file/folder security. I notice that if i grant rights on a win2k server from a winnt 4 domain, and i grant specific rights to a user: i.e.


that user doesn't have rights on the folder at all, i still get prompted for the username, or i get  an access denied error even though i've granted rigts to a user or group.

i can only get rights to the folder if i add that user as a local user and grant him/her rights to the folder.

shouldn't this user have rights based on the group ? why do i have to create a user. this used to work in winNt 4 all the time. what do i need to do to grant just the group rights ?
Auerelio VasquezETL DeveloperAsked:
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dcgamesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"I can only get rights to the folder if I add that user as a local user.."

Well, where are you logged in to?

If you logged into the Win2K computer with the user that is defined on the NT domain, Did you specify the same domain when you granted the permissions?

I assume you logged in as administrator for the local machine and opened the folder properties / security tab, then added "domain\group" or domain\user" to the folder.

Did you propagate the permisions to all the files inside the folder?

And what kind of rights did you set? Read only? Elimnate these settings as an issue by setting control to "full" and propagating it inside the folder (advanced button).

Then, if you still have the problem at least you know it isn't because of a read/execute/write permission problem.

When you log into the Win2K system, do you specify the domain in the login to be the same domain as the one the user exists in?

is the windows 2000 server a member server?
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Auerelio VasquezETL DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Listening ?

If you have to add the user locally I think that means that the win2K server can't validate the NT based account when it is not local.

I would assume the problem likes in the way the Win2k Server "belongs" to the NT domain, but I'm not sure how to take it from there.



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