Data Report (Display Data Programically)

Hello Again,

VB6(SP5), ADO, Access 97

I would like to use MS Data report. In addition, I'd like to display the data in the report programically. I tried to display data using the following when the report is initatized:

'Data Report
Me.DataMember = strMember     'Global Variable
Me.dataSource = strDataSource 'Global Variable

I keep receiving two error messages:

1. Invalid Data Source
2. Method or DataMember not found.

Do I have to have a "Data Environment" created?

What's the better report to use? VB6 Data Report or the Crystal Report(CR) Control that comes with VB6? Can I programically control CR?



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rovermConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For the last question: DR or CR?
Well that depends on what you want to do:
If you only create relative simple reports, just use DR, it's free and it's there!
If you need to create complex report (for example, if you need to change data WHILST printing the report) you need NOT to use DR, but something like CR.

For the first question:
You should be able to set the datareport to any global recordsource.
Can you paste the full data-connection code ?

DEFINITELY use CR.  preferably get the developer edition of cr 8.  you will save yourself a lot of time using cr.  it is easy to use and very powerful.
i never knew VB shipped with a Crystal Report(CR)Control. Are you sure? I dont see it in the available components.
cr is on the cd you have to install it specifically
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