In the JFileChooser there are two Icons that I believe are Details/NonDetails buttons.  They are always disabled in the examples.  Is there a way to either enable them or get rid of them?
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mzimmer74Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The final release date for 1.4 is scheduled for 4th quarter of 2001, but sun has released a beta version of 1.4 which can be found at the following link:


If you decide to download and install 1.4, please let me know if the JFileChooser is truly fixed.  Thanks
Unfortunately, this is a known bug in Java 1.3.  However, there is good news.  It is slated to be fixed in merlin build (1.4 I believe).  

From sun site:


This functionality hasn't been implemented in filechooser yet. On our todo list.

xxxxx@xxxxx 1998-03-16

Does not occur with 1.2.2-R.
xxxxx@xxxxx 1999-04-30

Fixed in merlin-beta for Windows L&F. JLF/metal fix pending.
xxxxx@xxxxx 2000-12-04


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jaikenAuthor Commented:
What is Merlin Beta.  I'm running JBuilder 4.0.
Merlin Beta is the next version of Java.  Currently, we (including JBuilder4.0) are on version jdk1.3.  Merlin is jdk1.4.  So until 1.4 is released, we're stuck unless some enterprising developer somewhere has found a work-around for this.  I have yet to find anything anywhere about one.
jaikenAuthor Commented:
Any idea on when this release will happen?
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