I got a doubt regarding saving the xml file in visualbasic

I created the elements in visualbasic which gives me finally xml file, my question is :

I declared a string variable and i'm saving the file like this.

obj.save string1,but i don't want to save the file to any local directory, it should remain in the string variable called string1(the whole xml file)and i want to use the string some where in the program to transfer.

It gives me Runtime erro(parameter not supported).

It accepts if i give the path to the string like:

string1 = "c:\temp\info.xml"
 but i don't want to save to directories, because every time i save it piles up with xml file, how do i store the file in string itself like:
obj.save string1 but no string1 = "c:\...."
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Anthony PerkinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried assigning it as follows:

string1 = obj.xml

ac is right!
A grade of a "B"...  why?
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