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setting up a site

hai, i want to know how to setup my site using ColdFusion.
Let say i have a server(with NIC), a hub and telephone line, will this equipment
be able to setup my site in the internet? any stuf to add?

if i don't want to setup LAN, how is the steps anyway?
step 1 config coldfusion server
step 2 put my Coldfusion project inside
step 3 install hub
step 4 ??
step ? apply from ISP
step ? ??

if anyone has idea, pls let me know. thanks.

1 Solution
if you want to connect your own server to the internet, probably the cheapest option would be to find an isp willing to let you bring in your server and connect it directly to their network.  not only often cheapest, also will get you the fasted connection.

there are several companies around the world that specialise in server hosting, such as http://www.globalcenter.com/ for example.  these guys are usually ore expensive than your local isp, but usually much more reliable and higher speed access.

if you really want to keep your server at your own place, then what you need to do is get the fastest net access you can with whatever technology you want (modem, ISDN, cable, etc) but whatever you choose, you need to get a static IP address.

there are some schemes (like http://www.dynip.com) that supposedly allow you to host your own internet domain, but i don't know of anyone who has used their services.  i suspect that there are a number of inherent problems trying to do such a thing, but i guess is works well enough for some.

now, if all you want to do is to access your server by IP address, then you don't need to do much more.  if, however, you want to set it up under your own domain (eg: www.mycompany.com) then you will need to regsiter an internet domain and find someone to delegate it for you.  a lot of internet registries these days will delegate as well as register for you.

hopefully that gives you a start..
KKruiAuthor Commented:
is it no need to buy hub, teoritically use a telephone line to connect to my server NIC, and do all the registration stuff?
Hey there KKrui

If you are going to run it that was the hub and NIC will not be neccessary, unlessyou want the LAN for you to connect to this server and not work on the server itself.

In your scenario you have a server, CF and you want it online. you will need a conn to the internet [modem?]

if you are using a modem and have the connection to the net you can request from your ISP that tehy assign you a static IP [might cost more].

I will make the assumption that you have DNS set up.

if you want a domain name on the internet you will require the DNS if not your server will only be accesable via its IP [unless using the above mentioned service (DynamicIP)]

the simplest way is get an internet connection and you are on the net, next decide on how you want people to access your server [IP or name] decide on a course of action [get above mentioned service, get static IP and give it to people you want to connect, get a domain name and DNS]

hope my 5 cents helps you along to achieving your goal.


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