limit number of characters in <textarea>

Is there any way to limit number of character in <textarea> same as "maxlength" property in <input type="text" maxlength="50">?  I need something to work exectly same way - no warnings and no alerts.  Just prevent from additing more characters.
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dij8Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The difference between these is the keypress bit.  To stop the last character changing like I did first change my script like so:
<textare onkeydown="settalength(this)" onkeyup="settalength(this)"></textarea>
Not really.  You could write a script that runs on keypress.  It would have to check the length of the value of the text area and if it is longer than a specific limit it would then change the value to the first however many characters.

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
  function settalength(field) {
    field.value = field.value.substr(0,50)
<textarea onkeypress="settalength(this)"></textarea>

Doing it this way will have the last character change as a new key is pressed.  And note that hitting return is good for two characters (carriage return, line feed).
Here's a script that does limit the number of characters you can enter into a text box.  It's a little longer than dij8's, but you can see a working demo of it too.
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shlomofAuthor Commented:

This script is doing exactly the same as dij8's.  Thanks anyway.
shlomofAuthor Commented:
thanks dij8!!!
Glad to have helped.  Thanks for the A.

And Classylinks, thanks for the subtle tip on fixing the last character problem I had. :-)
ClassyLinksCommented: that what I did???  ;-)  LOL

Ciao for now!
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