Unable to See hot spot button in the browser

hai experts,
  I am new to Lotus Domino.I started programming in Designer.I created one hotspot button and wrote code in lotus Script like

Dim i As Integer
     Print i

but I am Unable to See the Hotspot button in the browser.

what may be the problem.

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Jean Marie GeeraertsConnect With a Mentor Application EngineerCommented:
So the right combination was :
- shared agent
- run from agent list
- run once

Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication EngineerCommented:
LotusScript is not supported on the web, that is why you can't see the button.
If you want to run LotusScript from the web, put your code in an agent. Set this agent to "Run Once (@commands may be used)" and "Manually run agent from agent list". This way you can only start the agent from the agent list in designer or through an action button.
Have the following formula in your action hot-spot to call the agent and run your code :
@command([ToolsRunMacro]; "The name of your agent")

NASEEMAAuthor Commented:
Ok i accepted the ur comment as answer.i think u will get 4 points right.can u tell me what is diff bet share agent and the other.
Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication EngineerCommented:
A shared agent is accessible to all users, a private agent is only accessible to the person that created it.
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