Accessing jpg in Netscape

To brunobear:
How can I type in "%20" in the spaces in the jpg file names so that I can access them in Netscape?
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brunoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
actually what i did to get the URL to you in the previous question was to open the page in IE, right click on the picture, go to properties, then i copied the URL from the property window that popped up, which already had the %20 in the URL because IE put it there automatically.

there is no way to automatically do that in Netscape I don't believe.

You have a few options still though.  Netscape 6 will show the pictures fine, as IE does, so if you have a good connection you could upgrade to netscape 6.  Or if you are not a big fan of Netscape you can set IE to be your default Internet browser.

Open IE as you learned to from the previous question.  Then go to the TOOLS menu at the top, then INTERNET OPTIONS.  Click the tab that says PROGRAMS.  At the bottom, there should be a checkbox that says Internet Explorer should check to see if it is the default browser.  

If this is NOT checked, check it.  Next time you start up Internet Explorer, it should tell you that it is not the default browser, and ask if you would like to make it the default browser.  Click yes, and then when you go back to your email and click on the link that was sent, it should open in IE and not Netscape.  (unless you are using Netscape email?  that is a situation we will talk about seperatly if you are...  :-) )

I will propose this as an answer as it is a continuation of the other question.

This is actually a continued from another question, to understand see:
jimtheoAuthor Commented:
I accept the answer
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