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We have used IE55 IEAK (Corparate User Edition) to develop a customised version of IE.  After reading the documentation I believe I can produce new INS files with 'Profile Manager' (part of IEAK).

The orginal installation enables 'use automatic configuration script' and sets the address to http://localhost/ie55/config/autoconfig.ins.  The server hosting the browser to be configured also has IIS V2 installed and running (Default with NT4).

According to documentation I should be able to produce a new INS file copy it to the config directory over writing autoconfig.ins and the new changes should be seen after a few minuites.

However this seems to have no affect.


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Asta CuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Internet Explorer Administration Kit 5.5 AVS Update

The Internet Explorer Administration Kit 5.5 AVS Update is the latest version of Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) 5.5. It replaces any version of IEAK currently on your system. To learn more about the new features included in IEAK 5.5, please see the IEAK 5.5 information page.
Asta CuCommented:
Step up to IEAK 6 : New Download Available Now
It's here! Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) 6, Microsoft's new version of the toolkit for distributing Internet Explorer, is easier than ever to customize, download, install, and use. IEAK 6 has an integrated license agreement, which eliminates the need to sign up and use a customization code to run it. Find out more about how to get started today!
Asta CuCommented:

Changing the Location of an Auto-Configuration .ins File
If you need to move the auto-configuration .ins file to a different production server, you can use the IEAK Profile Manager to update the URL for automatic browser configuration. If you set the auto-configuration .ins file to update at a specified interval, you must allow for two intervals after you update the URL for automatic browser configuration before the change takes effect.

Much more at the above link.

Hope it is of some help to you.

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