Accelar 8100 , MIB vlan problem

The problem :
SNMP  utilty reads  MIB ports
information on router(Accelar)(what MAC connected what port).
It gets just ports  from specific  
VLAN and not gets all ports(in my case I have 2 VLANS,so
I can not get 50% of ports!).
I tried to do "walk" on all rapid-city(Accelar's MIB)  and then "find" connection information on
specific MAC -> (I knew that this MAC is connected to Accelar to diffrent VLAN),but i  find   nothing.
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SpideyModConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Community Support Moderator @Experts Exchange
If you try and get the value on a specific port it will get all values associated with the default VLAN.  In order to see what MAC addresses have been learnt/added on other VLAN's you have to specify the VLAN id in the get call.
What is the exact Object Id you are trying to get?
teraedAuthor Commented:
I found the solution - to get all vlans
I set community=communuty@vlanID
0 < vlavID < MAX vlan numbers
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