Has anybody heard of the message SU995003 when installing windows 98?
I can't find anything on the windows site !
The text that goes with it is as ususal very clear : 'Loading of required library : failed (0x138b)'.

I hope someone can help me ?

Thank u VERY much.


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NavidConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Dear petevdb!
To be honest I have no further information on this error. My only reference is that article. Memory problem is what the article is suggesting. I found nothing on Microsoft articles.
To be honest 16 mb can be anough memory to install windows 98 but still depends on used memory on other partitions and
computer type and other system resurces,etc..
I would check for virus too, just to make sure I am not infected!
It can also be that one of your hardwares is not compatible with windows 98 or wrong installed.
There is not much information on the net about this error. I personaly never seen such a thing.
I hope my article could at least give you a clue what this error can be. :-)
Good luck
hmm.. found something for you!
Read this:
and this:
petevdbAuthor Commented:
Wauw, at last a (full?) error list of win98 setup. However, how do I solve the problem.
The text : 'Setup cannot load required library' was already in the text but how do I make sure that setup CAN load the required library ?

I presume that 0x138b the number is of the required library ?
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petevdbAuthor Commented:
Maybe it is a problem of memory ?
I only have 16Mb of internal memory. The startup disk loads the cd-rom driver, maybe that is causing the problem?

Ideas still welcome...
petevdbAuthor Commented:
Navid, in any case : thank u very much for the links. I also have been looking for this message and I found NOTHING! So your quest was at least a little bit more succesfull than mine! :-)
hehehe. :-)
Asta CuCommented:
Invalid command option specified. Please check the command line and try again, or type setup /? for help on the Setup command options. (ox13ae)

"SU" Error Message List for Windows 95/98/Me Setup

Asta CuCommented:
Windows 98 and Windows Me Hot Error Message Topics
Also try this.
On the hard drive, make a directory called cabs.  from the cd, copy the complete win98 directory to the cab directory and try to install from your hard drive.  the cd may be corrupt.
Asta CuCommented:
Highlights for Windows
Before You Install


Minimum Hardware Requirements for a Windows 98 Installation

The following list describes the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 98:

A personal computer with a 486DX 66 megahertz (MHz) or faster processor (Pentium central processing unit recommended).

16 megabytes (MB) of memory (24 MB recommended).

A typical upgrade from Windows 95 requires approximately 195 MB of free hard disk space, but the hard disk space may range from between 120 MB and 295 MB, depending on your computer configuration and the options that you choose to install.

A full install of Windows 98 on a FAT16 drive requires 225 MB of free hard disk space, but may range from between 165 MB and 355 MB, depending on your computer configuration and that options that you choose to install.

A full install of Windows 98 on a FAT32 drive requires 175 MB of free hard disk space, but may range from between 140 MB and 255 MB, depending on your computer configuration and the options that you choose to install.

One 3.5-inch high-density floppy disk drive.

VGA or higher resolution (16-bit or 24-bit color SVGA recommended).

More when you visit the previous link.

Good luck,
petevdbAuthor Commented:
Navid, I'll grant the points to u. Because u lead me in the right direction and u were first.
It was indeed the cd-driver that caused the error (actually the use of the memory of the driver...).

Thank u very much.


No Thank you.. It is always appreciated to meet friendly people like you who appreciate help. I wished I could help you more. I will look for your questions in the future! I will give you better answers next time! That is a promise!
Great thanks for appreciation my friend petevdb!
Also Thank you dear Asta and Glenn for the comments. Excellent informations there!
Regards Navid
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