help with new system

I recently bought a 1000mhz abit / pIII combo with 1 256mb simm  pc133...blah..blah.

the abit mb was something with a built in raid model blah66 or something..(returned it already). make a long story as short as possible:
1. cdrw doesn't work in linux
2. constant memory errors in windows, search on ms revealed problems with sblive and 256mb memory
3. clock speed on boot...1000mhz...sometimes 800mhz..before I sent it back...500mhz.
4.cdrw adaptec writer software killed my win2k system
- had to go to recovery console and remove all cdrom drivers (probably overkill...but just one or two removed didn't work)

okay, I have a WD 30gig 7200rpm ide drive...that's it...

I want that drive to be native linux, and then the other (in the new computer) drive to be running win2k.

I need all the hardware to work at least to most of it's capacity in win and linux.
I would like
256mb ram (2 x 128 ok if recomended)
good video and sound capabilities (surround sound;32mb+ video?)

at work we have many dells, and I have mixed feelings about them...

some have strange problems (very slow for clock speed (not disk space), bad shutdown (not news right?))
the new ones are great and load win2k so fast I can't believe it...

but I am still skepitcal and would rather build my own...provided the price isn't too high, and my compatibility issues are met...

a list of hardware would be great...let me know which items you know are linux frendly.


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about the adaptec easy cd problem : are you installing take two? you shouldn't! try custom install and do not install take two! hope this helps.

about the hardware compatibility with linux check :

nvidia based videocards always have good drivers for win2k/linux

i would choose a creative or a terratec soundcard, don't know for sure if they are full supported with linux.

when using NIC i would choose 3com for best compatibility with linux/win2k

Asus mainboards (most of them) are compatible with linux (and run fine on win2k)

For memory i would suggest 1 X 256 MB PC133 ECC , ecc memory dousn't cost much more then normal at the moment.

Good Luck,

Here's a list of manufacturers that definitely support linux with drivers etc...
I am a little surprised that there are not more motherboard companies listed there though.
- 4.cdrw adaptec writer software killed my win2k system -

Are you using adaptec easy cd 5? it's a common problem, had the same problem here, check the website of adaptec ( )
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bebonhamAuthor Commented:

check, tried, still crashed...

they only support "clean" installations of w2k, and mine is an upgrade :(

bebonhamAuthor Commented:
RoadWarrior Thanks,

that is a good answer, but c'mon this is 200 points...

would you please put together what you think is a good system?

I am looking to spend about 1000 u.s. give or take a 100 or so on the box, I have the monitor, keyb, etc.

I want good audio (most popular..most supported?)

I guess I will go with crucial ram (do you suggest 2x128 or 1x256...)

a mboard suggestion would be welcome, since I can never figure which is the best one.

video card is pretty darn important factor.

then cdrw..didn't see anything about cdrw on that link...

I really want to have cdrw on linux so I can run limewire and share by cd :)

Thanks, please give me a list!
bebonhamAuthor Commented:
here's another 100 points, I really want a "perfect" machine...

I am looking around 1gz pIII but am open to AMD

the above information details the hardware I want...who has a machine like this that runs like a dream...let me know the components you used...

a recommended vendor would be nice.

bebonhamAuthor Commented:

Thanks for that...

I am still looking for a cdrw that will work in both...

and I would prefer not to use adaptec software AT ALL!

Pelxtor,Athlon,Nvidia,Crucial. This is the most stable and flexable system I've ever had. I burn anything have not used with Linux but W2k and NT works flawlessly
Plextor sorry spelled it wrong
bebonhamAuthor Commented:
yeah I have heard good things about plextor...

I will look into them and let you know what I learn...
bebonhamAuthor Commented:
after looking around...

there is a list of supported prebuilt systems...should I go that way instead?  there is a dell with a cdrw that is on the list.

it uses a slow sony cdrw though...I've written sony and asked them if they have other drives that work will under linux...

also doveofthesea, the other compoents you recommended sound good...
what processor speed would you recommend...I had a 1ghz, but I would ideally like the best value.

as for what Kiekerjan said:
seems like doveofthesea agrees about the nvidia, thanks for mentioning it.  I will certainly buy the 3com card, because I have use 3c905b with success on linux this a good 3com card?

I'm really paranoid about the cdrw though...and also dvd and sound support...that is the trouble I had when I was trying to work with linux...everything else ran almost better than win2k.

I know it sounds like I should be asking this in the linux area now...but I'm sure you guys must know of some equipment in the mulitmedia area that is the defacto standard.


It would be great if someone knew of a vendor that I could actually see on their site that they supported linux...

Plextor had some mention...but it seemed very little support was available...

but if plextor is the way to go...that's fine too.


bebonhamAuthor Commented:
I'll close this question and stop pestering you guys tomorow about this time.

I will split points for sure, but I would still like further info on the multimedia stuff.

bebonhamAuthor Commented:
fine thanks...closing this question.
bebonham has requested a point split.

Kiekerjan 175pts A
doveofthesea 125pts A

I am going to refund 125 points back to bebonham, accept Kiekerjan's comment as an answer.  Bebonham, you can now post another question for doveofthesea in this topic area for 125 points.

Thank you
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bebonhamAuthor Commented:

doveof the sea, I am posting a question for you.
bebonhamAuthor Commented:
bebonhamAuthor Commented:
okay, I'll take 'em if you don't want them..

let me know in the event you want them back.

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