Invalid references / controls


Does anyone know of a way of removing invalid activex dll/exe/ocx 's from the registry ??

For example, say we create an activex control..


we register it, then delete it... how do we unregister it ??

I know we should have unregistered it before deleting, but you know what users are like..

I've tried using registry cleaners in the past and ended up re-installing windows... so I don't fancy that route.

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sridhar_PJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just try this tool
Ryan ChongCommented:

U can use the regsvr32.exe to do this:

To Register a dll/ocx: regsvr32 mydll.ocx

To Unregister a dll/ocx: regsvr32 /u mydll.ocx

TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
smg, you should be able to go into the registry and locate the entry or entries for fred.ocx, it should be in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, you will find an entry of the form Fred.Fred with a ClsID key underneath it. Copy the class name from here and search the registry for it. You cann then remove that branch from the registry as well.
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smeggheadAuthor Commented:

I know how to unregister when the file still exists, but what I'm asking is how do we unregister if the file has been deleted.


Are you aware of any s/w to do this ?? I don't like hacking around in the registry. I could write something myself, but time is a bit tight at the mo.

Unregistering DLL's and OCX's is no problem as long as you don't delete the file. You can simply use the command regsvr32.exe <filename.dll> /U

This is because as long as you have the DLL you can derive the GUID that uniquely identifies it, so its intry can be easely found in the Windows registry. So before you delete a DLL or other application extention don't forget to use regsvr32.

Should you however have deleted your application extention before you unregistered it. You can always remove it manually with regedit.exe. However this should be done with great caution since you can damage your system in the proces. Regedit has a search function that allows you to look for your application extention by it's progid. Simply do a search for "FRED.OCX" or so and it should find the entry. Once you're sure the entry is correct by inspecting the other information stored in the entry you can remove it.

There are some other tools that automate this registry cleenup procedure. But so far I haven't seen one that meets the needs of a programmer since they don't offer the detail of information you need.

This is the manual way the get rid of the registry entries.


1.  Start Regedit from the Start/Run
2.  Ensure 'My Computer' is highlighted(at top of registry)
3.  Select Edit/Find from the menu
4.  Search for Fred.ocx
5.  Delete all references to this file

There could be more than one entry so after deleting continue searching till a not found message appears
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smeggheadAuthor Commented:
Cool tool !!

Thanks everyone else too..
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