How to Convert String Date & Time parameters into DATE type

I have a string value that represents a date in the format "dd/mm/yy", and a time value representing the time in the format "hh:mm".  What I need to do is combine and convert them into a DATE value.

I've looked at the VarDateFromStr() function, and it seems to do the job, but I need to know what the date and time string for the first parameter (strIn) will look like.

Any examples would be much appreciated.
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migelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
look at MSDN:
PRB: VarDateFromStr Does Not Consider Date Formats for Specific Locales
ID: Q241893      

The function returns without error if the passed string is valid in any of the following date formats:



carlpaddickAuthor Commented:
Can you give me the URL for this migel?  Also does it illustrate the combining of the date and times for they are passed to VarDateFromStr?
here is link:
time can be parsed when you specify
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carlpaddickAuthor Commented:
carlpaddickAuthor Commented:

Can you (or anyone else) tell me how you set the time value for the VarDateFromStr function?

It seems that one can use the hyphen character to separate the date value, such as:

27-06-01 or 06-26-01

Does anyone know if the time value's hours and minutes parameters must be separated by a colon(:), such as:

07:30 or 18:45

or another character?
carlpaddickAuthor Commented:
Don't worry about the last comment/question - sorted it myself.

carlpaddickAuthor Commented:
With your helpful MSDN document migel and a bit of experimenting myself, I have sorted out my problem.  You were the only person to contribute towards this question, so the points are yours.

Thanks for your help and keep up the good work,

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