Exchange offsite replication for backup

I want to replicate the exchange server to another office at night over a 128k leased line as a form of backup.  I don't want to use anything like Geocluster. We have a bdc at the site, we can set up another server for the replication.  
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Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
What are you trying to replicate? Public Folders, Private Folders ??? The whole thing? Are you backing it by any means now? If so how?
I do not think you can replicate the Private Folders in any way, but you could do this with Public Folders. As an alternative, you could use a backup utility that supports Exchange and will backup to a file to locate an archive of the Private Folders on the other server. However, if you have this ability, it would be much better to put the data to tape or CD or some other media. This would be safer and oh so much faster.

Good Luck...
LucretAuthor Commented:
We back up at the moment with backup exec but want a rapid recovery in a disaster situation.  Need to replicate private information store.
Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
The user mailbox can only be located in a single private store. The only way I can think you might be able to do this is through server redundancy. Very expensive to implement but do not know if it will maintain two copies of exchange private store or not.

I can not remember if BE allows for you to backup just the private store or not. This could be an option but it is still slow to recover and it would add additional steps in your backup process.

No good solution I'm afraid...
Good Luck,
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LucretAuthor Commented:
What about something like geocluster? any experience with like products?
Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
Clustering does not always mean the same as Mirroring. I do not know geocluster but if it allows for full server replication or mirroring, it should not only allow you to maintain 100% full operation during a catastophic failure of one server and allow for a new server to be introduced without missing a beat. Last thing you want to do is pay big bucks for redundant server operation, only to have to shut one down during a rebuild operation.

Just random thoughts...
Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
Check this info out...

Clustering support in Exchange 2000 has been enhanced to feature active/active clustering. This significantly enhances the end-user availability of the Exchange infrastructure, while lowering cost of ownership. Based on the Microsoft Clustering Services of Microsoft Windows? 2000 Advanced Server, fail-over clustering enables all of the servers used in a cluster to actively process messaging requests until a failure occurs that triggers rollover recovery. Exchange 2000 further utilizes Microsoft Windows 2000 Clustering Services by enabling separate transaction log file sets to be allocated to separate cluster members. The ability to use all servers anytime reduces system costs, but increases reliability, because no dedicated, failover-only, servers are needed.

Note: Requires Exchange 2000 Server Enterprise Edition.

It sounds more like load balancing than mirroring but might be worth a closer look...


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