Frontpage Web Form to EMail optional addresses.

I have a FrontPage form I created that routes its output to an email address via the following statement:

S-Form-Fields S-EMail-Address="" S-Email-Format="TEST/PRE"

Now I have radio buttons in the form also which indicate regions:
#1 - Virginia
#2 - Maryland

Depending on which radio button is clicked I would like to route the email output to alternate email addresses.  How can I do this???????

THanks in advance.
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ClassyLinksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you use ASP??

Post your form code here and I can try to give you some suggestions..but we've been working on this with alseed's a toughy!
Hi about some feedback in your other open question?

As for this one, We are currently trying to do the same thing without much luck in another open question.  The problem is that FP doesn't have an easy way of pulling the value of the radio button and plugging it into the Form Results Wizard dialog box.

Now, if you could use ASP, and CDONTS we would have no worries.
pinkstonmAuthor Commented:
I have to get something working in the next couple days any other solution available?
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pinkstonmAuthor Commented:
ya we can use ASP
ClassyLinksCommented: your form code here....can you use CDONTS??
pinkstonmAuthor Commented:
I like the ASP idea and it would work but I deceided to have a front end page that selected the region by clicking on an area of the map
Cool idea!

Thanks for the points.

cu next time  8-)
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