Returning strings back to C++ from VB6

I have a VB class which is instantiated by a C++ program that we would like to return a string back
to the C++ program.  We changed VB class to declare the string both byref and byval and still C++ does
not understand the string being returned.  The C++ program cannot change, only the VB program can.
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Strings coming back from VB will be BSTR types.  The simplest way to deal with them is via the C++ template class _bstr_t.  You'll be getting a BSTR reference back from VB, create a _bstr_t using the BSTR constructor:

_bstr_t( BSTR bstr, bool fCopy ) throw ( _com_error );

and then you can do what you want with it in VC++.
jhance is right - but it won't help you if you can change "only the VB program".

possible aproach would be a) copy the string to y byte buffer, or b) "inject" a C++ component that does the conversion.

In what format does the C++ prog expect the string? (i.e. how does the call to the "VB class" look like?)

s_sciortinoAuthor Commented:
In answer to the question "In what format does the C++ prog expect the string?" The answer is a pointer to a BSTR.
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In that case you are all set, since in VB, you have to "stand on your head" to return anything BUT a pointer to a BSTR.

How about showing some code?
yep, code, we want code! we live on it, from it, for it!
s_sciortinoAuthor Commented:
His solution helped us solve the problem...
cool... so the VC++ program could change...
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