How do I?

Read the following:
Private Sub Form_Load()

'Description - PFGPGP Encryption and FTP to Principal
'Created 05/08/01 by Mitchell Buford


OTHRDIR = (Environ$("OTHRDIR") + "\")
Windir = (Environ$("WINDIR") + "\")

' Move old Encrypted Files to Saved.....................

Dim Today As String
Today = Format(Now, "yyyymmdd")
Dim LastMO As String
Dim LastYR As String
Dim THISYR As String
Dim THISDA As String
THISYR = Mid$(Today, 1, 4)
ThisMO = Mid$(Today, 5, 2)
THISDA = Mid$(Today, 7, 2)
LastYR = Val(THISYR)
LastMO = Val(ThisMO) - 1
If LastMO = 0 Then
   LastMO = 12
   LastYR = LastYR - 1
End If
Dim FolderName As String
FolderName = LTrim(Str(LastYR * 100 + LastMO))
gstrMsg = (FolderName)
gstrResponse = MsgBox(gstrMsg)

Name "\\wakelybdc\common\monthend\pfg\" & FolderName & "\agntrept" As "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg"

If Dir("\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\saved\" & FolderName, vbDirectory) = "" Then
   MkDir "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\saved\" & FolderName
End If

Name "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\agntrept.pgp" As "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\saved\" & FolderName & "\agntrept.pgp"
Name "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\commrept.pgp" As "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\saved\" & FolderName & "\commrept.pgp"
Name "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\grpstsum.pgp" As "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\saved\" & FolderName & "\grpstsum.pgp"
Name "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\grpssdet.pgp" As "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\saved\" & FolderName & "\grpssdet.pgp"

The IF statement I have for the directory, how do I do this with files?  If they are not there or not there how do I make the program skip over and go the next command instead of a runtime error.
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TimCotteeConnect With a Mentor Head of Software ServicesCommented:
If Dir("\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\saved\" & FolderName, vbDirectory) = "" Then
  MkDir "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\saved\" & FolderName
End If

If Dir("\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\agntrept.pgp") Then Name "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\agntrept.pgp" As "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\saved\" & FolderName & "\agntrept.pgp"
IF Dir("\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\commrept.pgp") Then Name "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\commrept.pgp" As "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\saved\" & FolderName & "\commrept.pgp"
If Dir("\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\grpstsum.pgp") Then Name "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\grpstsum.pgp" As "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\saved\" & FolderName & "\grpstsum.pgp"
If Dir("\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\grpssdet.pgp") Then Name "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\grpssdet.pgp" As "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\saved\" & FolderName & "\grpssdet.pgp"

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And see
I'm not sure if you want to check if the files exist in the destination you want to skip or not, or if there not in the origin

TimCottee's comment will not copy a file if it is not the the Origin Directory for the files.

this will copy only existing file

FileToCopy = Dir("\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\*.pgp")
do while FileToCopy > ""
     ' Check if File is there and Delete if necessary
     if dir("\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\saved\" & FolderName & "\" & FileToCopy) then
          Kill "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\saved\" & FolderName & "\" & FileToCopy
     End If
     Name "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\" & FileToCopy As "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\saved\" & FolderName & "\" & FileToCopy
     FileToCopy = Dir

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Add this to your code:
DocName = Dir("C:\Files\" & FileName & "." & FileType)
    If DocName <> "" Then
        Call StartDoc(SourceName, DocName)
        MsgBox ("No files found by the name of " & FileName & "." & FileType & " in the folder of C:\Files\")
    End If

This is the function it calls
Function StartDoc(SourceName As String, DocName As String)
    Dim FilePath
    On Error GoTo StartDoc_Error
    FilePath = SourceName & " C:\Files\" & DocName
    StartDoc = Shell(FilePath, vbNormalFocus)
    Exit Function
        MsgBox "Error: " & Err & " " & Error
        Exit Function
End Function
On Error Resume Next
Name "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\agntrept.pgp" As "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\saved\" & FolderName & "\agntrept.pgp"
Name "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\commrept.pgp" As "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\saved\" & FolderName & "\commrept.pgp"
Name "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\grpstsum.pgp" As "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\saved\" & FolderName & "\grpstsum.pgp"
Name "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\grpssdet.pgp" As "\\wakelypdc\ftp$\pfg\saved\" & FolderName & "\grpssdet.pgp"
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