Tell to print a list on 2 sides

I have a printer that will handle printing on two sides but I want to bypass the printer control and just have my list print to both sides of the paper.  It is an HP 2200

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JoeharveyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Set the 'DUPLEX' property of the printer object. (Printer.Duplex=<value>)

Settings for <value>:
1 = Single-sided printing with the current orientation setting.
2 = Double-sided printing using a horizontal page turn.
3 = Double-sided printing using a vertical page turn.

trudymareschAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I will give that a try...
trudymareschAuthor Commented:
Hi Joeharvey,
Sorry to take so long to answer, but this technique has not worked for me.  I've been back and forth with HP and they state it can only be done with their  existing printer control.

trudymareschAuthor Commented:
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