Logon Locally User Rights on Windows 2000

After I configure the domain controller security policies using MS Security Configuration and Analysis tool, noone can logon to the domain, the error message they got is "The local policy of this system does not permit you to logon interactively". As my understanding, it is regarding the user rights of logon locally. By reviewing the security settings, on the domain controller security policy, logon locally user right is assigned to administrators, terminal clinets, and ftp clients only. By adding everyone group to the list, the problem is solved. My question is assigning logon locally rights to everyone means anyone can go to the server console and logon from there? is it a security hole? As my experience with NT 4.0, logon locally right is only granted to administrators and ftp/www clients. Any idea about how this work in Windows 2000?

Thanks in advance.
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You should not set the 'logon locally' permissions for everyone. As you said they will be able to logon at the terminal. All you need to set is the 'Access this computer from a network' permissions for 'Everyone'
robert100Author Commented:
That was exactly what I originally did, but it didn't work.
By searching KB on MS site, this is what I found:


this article applies to SP1, that is what we have here, sp2 may solve that problem?

I really have no idea about this. With NT, it was fine to exclude any users except admin and ftp/www users.

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-Put domain users back as having the 'logon locally' right in computer configuration.
robert100Author Commented:
Yeah, thenks a lot. I tried that puting domain users there instead of everyone, but it doesn't prevent any users from loggin on to the server terminal!!! That is what we don't want, any idea?
Add everyone to the 'Print Operators' group. That will give them the right to logon locally, but they will not be able to have their way with the server, only the print jobs.

It's the easiest way to give everyone access to the Domain Controller/Terminal Server, but still limit their control.

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