Hi i want to be able to modify code while a project is running...i was thinking like make the code in a file and then just modify the code in the file but how would i run the code does any one have an idea of like a code processor so i can make addons for my programs...

Thanks BrianG.
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Anothing thing, being that you're using "goto" and "$", I'm guessing that you learned BASIC long ago, before the advent of object-oriented programming.

I'd suggest picking up a book or taking a class because there's a lot of worthwhile stuff here.  I struggled for about 6 months to get up to speed on VB, and I'd been doing BASIC for over 10 years before that.  then it took me several more years to really understand how the object-oriented stuff works, but now it's a lot easier to code.

(Also, look up "Option Explicit" and "Variable Types".)
Build a VB interpreter.  The only practical way to change compiled code on the fly is to have the process build a dll that can be dynamically changed while the program runs.  Normally this is dangerous, but I think .NET is attempting to deal with it.
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BrianGEFF719Author Commented:
I'm writeing my own code to run through the code and perform preset functions...i have a problem though when trying to parse the code to extrace a bit of code i have trouble...points will be awarded to anyone that can tell me why the heck this code doesnt work!

Public Sub process_names()
varTmp1$ = Form3.Text1
For xp = 1 To Len(varTmp1$)
strt$ = Mid(varTmp1$, xp, 9)
        If strt$ = "[(START)]" Then
            xst = xp
            For qp = xst To Len(varTmp1$)
            so$ = Mid(varTmp1$, qp, 7)
                If so$ = "[(END)]" Then
                    est = qp
                    c$ = Mid(varTmp1$, xst, Len(varTmp1$) - est)
                    MsgBox c$
                    GoTo oj:
                End If
            Next qp
        End If
est = ""
so$ = ""
xst = ""
Next xp
End Sub
Well, your code is not the how I would write it but...

1) What is your goal, that it's not working?  Are you trying to display the stuff between the start and end codes?

2) The line Mid(varTmp1$, xst, Len(varTmp1$) - est) is displaying a substring starting at xst.  xst is where it first found [(START)], rather where it ends...
  Change: xst = xp
  To: xst = xp + 9
And est is where it first found [(END)], which is the end point, so...
  Change:  Mid(varTmp1$, xst, Len(varTmp1$) - est)
  To: Mid(varTmp1$, xst, est - xst)

Personally, I'd use the INSTR function to find the desired strings, which will give you the starting position of that string.  This circumvents the loops and makes it easier to extract the text.  This is similar to your code, but using instr rather than the loops:

varTmp1$ = Form3.Text1.text
xp = instr(varTmp1$, "[(START)]")
if xp>0 then
  xst = xp+9
  qp = instr(varTmp1$, "[(END)]")
  if qp>0 then
    c$ = mid$(varTmp1$, xst, qp-xst)
    msgbox "end not found"
  msgbox "start not found"
BrianGEFF719Author Commented:
Thanks for your help...i got it fixed before you responded...and the thing is...there is multiple "{STARTS}" and "{ENDS}" so instr is not an option... :(

And yes I have been using basic for a long time i first started with QBASIC that comes with windows 3.1 and i've been doing it ever since...i'm going to get a book i think...i'm going to give you points anyway just because you took the time to respond...thanks a lot

Thanks.  If I can be of any more assistance, feel free to reply here.
BrianGEFF719Author Commented:
wow, I wrote some horrible code back in the day :(
Welcome back and I suppose to the world of object-oriented programming.

BTW--every year, there's plenty more to learn, so don't put those books down just yet...
BrianGEFF719Author Commented:
LOL, I know I learn more everyday, but just looking back at this code makes me laugh to think I wrote such crappy code!!!

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