DNS zone delegation cannot work...?!


I am trying to delegate the whole "xxx.edu" from my internal DNS server (x.x.x.13) to another two DNS servers (.73, .74)but I cannot seem to do so. The two DNS servers are set up correctly but the zone does not seem to be delegated to them.

>>>>>> in "named.conf"

zone "xxx.edu" { type master; file "db.xxx.edu"; allow-query { any; }; };

>>>>>> "db.xxx.edu" file:

$ttl    6900
; Created 26 Sept 2000

@       IN      SOA     uranus.xxx.edu. root.uranus.xxx.edu.  (
                                2001062701      ; Serial
                                3600            ; Refresh
                                900             ; Retry
                                3600000         ; Expire
                                3600 )          ; Minimum
xxx.edu.                                 IN NS           ns1.xxx.edu.
xxx.edu.                                 IN NS           ns2.xxx.edu.
ns1.xxx.edu.                             IN A x.x.x.73
ns2.xxx.edu.                             IN A x.x.x.74


when I ping xxx.edu, it says:
bash-2.04$ ping xxx.edu
ping: cannot resolve xxx.edu: No address associated with name

bash-2.04$ nslookup xxx.cc localhost
Server:  localhost.yyy.edu

*** localhost.yyy.edu can't find xxx.edu: Non-existent host/domain

Please help...
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Handy HolderConnect With a Mentor Saggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
You cannot delegate the whole domain, the NS records you have entered mean that these other servers are additional nameservers to the domain. You can only delegate subdomains like students.xxx.edu so they could have a webserver at www.students.xxx.edu whose A record was stored at ns1.xxx.edu. For this you would enter

students.xxx.edu.  IN NS   ns1.xxx.edu
ns1.xxx.edu.  IN A x.x.x.73
thiamwahAuthor Commented:
fyi, this name "xxx.edu" is only for internal office use and does not need to be a valid internet domain...

In order to be able to ping xxx.edu then you need to assign it an address.  So you will need to add an A record with your NS records for xxx.edu

xxx.edu.            IN  A 
xxx.edu.            IN NS           ns1.xxx.edu.
xxx.edu.            IN NS           ns2.xxx.edu.

when you try to use nslookup, which server it is supposed to look for and query.  You need to check /etc/resolv.conf for your nameserver setup.

Good luck,

thiamwahAuthor Commented:
I want to delegate the zone to the other two name servers, not use the internal DNS server as the authoritative name server for the zone. SO x.x.x.13 should NOT answer (A ptr) but delegate it.
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