saving text from a file into memory

Posted on 2001-06-26
Last Modified: 2012-05-04
Hello all,

I have a console application that needs to read a file, get the text inside and save it into a memory stream or something the like, i need this because i will passing that text to a function and later i will show the resulting text on the screen. So this is what i need:

1. read from file.txt
2. fill a buffer with that text
3. pass the buffer to a function (this function will reverse the text)
4. show the resulting text on the screen.

any ideas how to build such a buffer?

Question by:urif
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what about to use a tmemorystream?

it provides a loadfromfile-method,
a pointer and a size proberty

or you can even use a string
loading your text in a tsringlist and forward its text-proeprty
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Accepted Solution

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I'm using this usually, which load the file into a simple Delphi dynamic string:

function LoadStrFromFile(filename: string; var str: string) : boolean;
  result := false;
    if GetFileAttributes(pchar(filename)) <> INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE then
      with TFileStream.Create(filename, fmOpenRead or fmShareDenyNone) do begin
        SetLength(str, Size);
        Read(pointer(str)^, Size);
        result := true;
  except end;

Regards, Madshi.
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hi madshi ;-)
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hi meikl...  (-:

Author Comment

ID: 6230282
To Madshi:

Thx, are you sure the file text will fit into a normal string?

furthermore, where do you return that string?
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Expert Comment

ID: 6230682
urif, since Delphi 2, Strings can be any size up to about 2GB. So if your text file is larger, well... hm... ;-)

To reverse a string, you could use this code:

procedure SwapChar(var Data; Count: Integer);
     B,E: ^Byte;
     Temp: Byte;
     if Count>1 then begin
          Count:=Count shr 1;
          while Count>0 do begin

and then after loading the text into YourString using Madshi's code:


Easy, isn't it...

Author Comment

ID: 6230798
sorry about my naivity, i'm a c programmer (in linux/unix!!!) i'm new to this windows, my pascal is the pascal learned in college

thx for your help, i really apreciated!
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Expert Comment

ID: 6230857
>> Thx, are you sure the file text will fit into a normal string?

As AvonWyss already pointed out, a string can theoretically hold up to 2 GB data. But there is a limit, namely the available RAM + swap file. Generally you can easily load text files up to 1 MB into memory, if the text files are much larger, you should think about loading it in in thunks.

>> furthermore, where do you return that string?

It works like this:

var strVar : string;
  if LoadStrFromFile('c:\autoexec.bat', strVar) then begin
    // here you have the file in the "strVar"
  end else
    ShowMessage('loading failed...');

>> sorry about my naivity, i'm a c programmer

No problem...   (-:

Regards, Madshi.

Author Comment

ID: 6230885
thx again

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