How do I check that a computer are a member of a sutain network????


I'm thinking of developing a peer 2 peer client. That should not be a problem. But its a p2p client who only should allow users working for my company. How do I see that the user are inside our LAN?

You probarbly know what I meen.

For points I'd like some code in java och C++ or something simular.

Peace. Mike
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DreamMasterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the users are inside your lan, you can probably check them using their IP numbers....if the IP number is in a certain range....they are in your lan...

Indeed the IP address can be of use.

in java it would be something like using sockets.

ServerSocket server=new ServerSocket(1818);
Socket socket=server.accept();

The IP returned by getInetAddress should be checked against your LAN-ip numbers. Not for each and every one, just check for the boundaries in your domain.

The code above would be java specific. Though the WinSock object provides the same functionality.
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just set up your firewall to only allow those from your group, based on IP address.

if you fon't have a firewall, try Zone Alarm, it's the best.
Micke_CapAuthor Commented:
It's true that I can use the IP adress when the user is inside our net but we have consultants that are outside out net aswell. Mayby I was'nt clear enough on that.

Ithink I have solved it by making a client based om my own protocol instead of gnutella. then I can make a client that has a built in crypted password.

Thank you guys for getting me on the right track...

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If you want to scan for Lan, I'll support checking IP address. But as graham_k suggested...Zone Alarm is the best.It is free for "personal" use.

Are you using DHCP ?

For security you may try out servlets.

Have a look at:

and also some code on socket:

may be helpful.

Sorry I was little late...
servlets may be useful then...
Asta CuCommented:
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