.exe / jar files - for application distribution

hi lads/lassies,

I'd like to distribute a java app on a virgin machine and want to do as little setup as possible.
I think my two main options are .exe or jar...

What is the story with JAR files and will they save me copying all of my packages information across to the new machine and also save me configuring the classpath etc?

Would an exe be the answer to my prayers?
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wgilsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Now putting it all together...

java -cp JarfileThatHoldsMyPackage.jar package1.fred.MyClass


java -classpath JarfileThatHoldsMyPackage.jar package1.fred.MyClass

That should do it...

Yes, .jar is more suitable. It contains all of your packages and s.o. Use it...
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dublinerAuthor Commented:
How do I use the jar once I have zipped up all my stuff in it?
Do I have to un-jar the class files first into a directory or something?
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I'm using JBuilder / Deployment Wizard....

To place .jar file is the same to have directory structure of the packages. I think that you can build the zip by this directory using WinZip as well...
No just run the classes straight from the .jar.  Make sure the .jar is in your classpath and run the class with the fully qualified package name.

java package1.fred.MyClass

you can specify the classpath on the command line as well if you don't want to modify the environment classpath.
specify the classpath by doing this...

java -cp JarfileThatHoldsMyPackage.jar
you could do the following

1> Create a jar file consisting of your application
that could be done using
>jar cvmf manifist_filename jar_file name input_files
Your app.mf file could consist of following attributes:
Main-Class: main_class_name
Class-Path: swingall.jar classes102.zip
-This would set main class for your jar and classpath for the application
swingll.jar and classes102.zip r in same DIR as your jar file.

2>After Creating JAR file for your application you could
create an installable for you application
3> Nope u dont need to unjar youe files
can invoke your application by :-
>java -jar yourapp.jar

This would invoke your Main Class set in main class attribute of our mannifist file.



dublinerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the above but I'm still getting a couple of problems when I run the jar...

I've located another jar file which contains javax.comm stuff and I need to include this too.  How do I do this?
My directory structure is:

d:\work - general working directory
d:\work\packages - general classes and stuff
d:\java\comm - contains the bloody jar file

The class I need to run initially is in the 'work' directory and the stuff to include is in the 'work/packages' and 'java/com' directories.

For that what u could do is to include the path for othe jar file in the manifist file i told u about lats time
this should work
dublinerAuthor Commented:
Thanks lads!
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