Upgrade server..or not

We have several quirky things going on with our mail servers.  They have been running 5.0.5 since December '00.  The idea has been tossed around that it might be time to upgrade to a later version.  

Any thoughts on where we should go?  

Is one better than the other?  

Any that we should definitely stay away from?  

Should we just take the plunge and go right to 5.0.8?

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HemanthaKumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use incremental installer till 5.08

Check this link http://www.notes.net/qmrdown.nsf/QMRWelcome

Always newer version will have certain bugs fixed and are with new enhancements too.

jk9783Author Commented:
We got the 5.0.8 full version today. (I'd rather have a root canal than go through the incrementals ever again!)  I was really looking for pro's and cons to each version...but since you were the only one to answer..you win.
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