!! Codec?? Windows Media Player 6.4 !!

Gurus, greetings in salutation.

I have a quick question as to how and where I would be able to download a codec appropriate for a movie I had attempting to load with little luck? Windows Media Player 6.4, as I have observed, will attempt to download a codec, but it somehow does not do the job completely. It logs onto a couple of sites from Microsoft and returns a msg "unable to download an appropriate decompressor".

Your help is much appreciated.

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FrohikeAuthor Commented:
Oh and this is the actual error code:

Or you can just run a search for the appropriate codec and download it manually...
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
What kind of movie are you trying to view?  Check http://codecs.nm.ru/ for sources for most codecs out there.  If its a DiVX movie, check out www.divx.com

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