SOAP simple example

I'm a SOAP beginner.
I'm looking for a step by step simple example of how to use SOAP (client and server).
I need that example to be coded in C++ and it should compile and run both on WIN2000 and Linux.
I'm using Xerces-C in order to manipulate the XML document.
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Have a look at those links. They are great articles. They are in Java however it can help you to understand the flow:

XML messaging, Part 1

XML messaging, Part 2

Clean up your wire protocol with SOAP, Part 1

Clean up your wire protocol with SOAP, Part 2

Clean up your wire protocol with SOAP, Part 3

Hope this helps,

This page contains a list of tutorials you may find useful


Hi s lavie
I am also new in SOAP and I am also trying to implement Soap using White Mesa Soap Server. I am able to communicate with the server but I am getting few errors. The best site on net is for this.
Please let me know if you need any other help.
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s_lavieAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your try, but there's no much help.

I'm currently evaluating your suggestion - it takes some time.

Do you code in C++ or VB?
I'm looking for a C++ solution.
By being able to communicate with the server, you mean invoking POST from the client? If so, can you post the relevant code, please? If not what exactly do you mean?
Hi S lavie
Actually I also want a code in C++ to communicate with the SOAP web server but for the time being I have got a code in VB and Javascript with which I am trying to communicate with the server and getting a response back. If you want the code the code for server side should be written in VB and then a dll should be made with that then after that you have to register that dll in the server and you have to use that dll in a Microsoft Soap Toolkit 2.0 then WSDL and WSML files will be made from that and asp file also then you can copy these files on the server and using javascript I am trying to call the method which I have written in Vb .If you want the code pls let me know. I will give you the full code.
But in the mean time if you get any other good resource of SOAP pls let me know also.
s_lavieAuthor Commented:
No thanks ashish2k,
At the moment I'm looking for a pure C++ solution.
I'll inform you if I find one.
Did you take a look in: ?
Hi S lavie
Yes I had seen that.
I have got a site and soap client in C++ .
I think this will be helpful to you.
You can go through this site and download this Soap Client and their are other utilities also available on the site.Please do read them and let me know if you require any other information.
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