xemacs installation on redhat

Hi experts, I ve got a problem installing xemacs via rpm under redhat 7.1.
Each time I m taking a version, I have a dependencie error. There are also conflicts with the emacs version installed on my laptop.
Does anyone know how to bypass or resolve in a simple way those kind of problems.
Thanks in advance.
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garbouaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
depenency you can't get around, just install the packages needed.  if you get a conflict AND you are positive you would like to install anyway, use this
"rpm -Uvh --replacefiles --force package.rpm"
patouryAuthor Commented:
Hi Garboua, the matter is that some programs I use have depencies conflicting with the xemacs version I want to install.
By the way, as you re the only one that answer my question, the points are yours.
Feel free to post any other comment.
what other program that conflicted with xemafcs?  thnx for the points
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