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I need some way of parsing a JSP file and checking for programming features that don't comply with company standards .. eg SQL Updates in the JSP file etc. This needs to fit into a larger Java program that does the same sort of thing on other files (Currently uses JavaCC grammar for the Java Files). Does anyone know of an easy way of doing this .. eg any JSP Grammar for JavaCC or ANTLR?

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One way:
When you compile JSP, it creates an .java source file as a corresponding servlet source. It has exact same functionality as your JSP. So, instead of veifying your JSP you could verify generated .java file using your tool, e.i JavaCC grammar.

lawrieAuthor Commented:
I thought of this as an option, but there was two problems. Firstly any messages that I generate when errors are found become quite confusing, since they don't relate back to what the developer submitted, and secondly, I would have to compile them, since it has to be checked before it is run on a server.

Thanks anyway
lawrieAuthor Commented:
Not quite what I wanted, but the best try I got.
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