Need assembler :)

Hi i need to find an aseembler compiler. The one that is most widely used. Also are there any good books to get started quickly ? or documenation online ? Thanks.
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dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
An assembler compiler?

Assemblers are out there for free.  Like A86 for DOS which is shareware and GAS which is for Linux and free.  Is this what you mean?  A search on the InterNet will find those.

The most widely known assembler is MASM (for the PC) which is not free.  You can also find TASM which is not free as well.  

On line documentation exists but can you rephrase your question as to exactly it is you need.
I think the guy who wrote Zone Alarm also runs his own site devoted to assembler.  I got there once following a link from, and I have lost the url now, but you might want to try there.
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Just an FYI

Here is the link to Steve Gibsons assembly page.
Including a link to get the Microsoft's Macro Assembler MASM download
If it is Intel 80x86 processor family that you're interested in, and if you are just starting to learn asm,
I will recommend that you use (Borland|Turbo)Pascal or Delphi as your assembler learning aid.

All three support inline assembler, mostly compatible with TASM (and MASM).

In this case, you can use IDE to write your asm code, you can debug and you can easily see results produced by your programs, because you can have assembler and Pascal code in the same program, so you don't have to write extra code just to (for example) print out results of your code.

If you use sone 32bit Delphi (Delphi2,3,4...) you can use 386+ instructions also without segmentation.

Additional advice: when you want to write something in asm (especially when you're learning) first write the same program in your favourite programming language (C, Pascal, Basic...) trying to use data structures which are also naturally used by microprocessor (signed and unsigned integers integers and arrays). Then, translate your working debugged program to assembler.

Good luck!
Mixing assembler and some programming language code is something that is more realistic today than programming pure asm applications, so this is one more reason why I suggest that you use one of these compilers above.

Go to and search on keywords
assembler tutor intel
and you'll more tutorial links than you need :)
Not all of them are good, but pick random 10 of those, take a look at them and finally choose one that suits you.


p.s. all this is a free advice :o)
thanks guys for suggestions i am not going to do pure asm programming. I am interested in integrating it with Java. Where asm will do more low level stuff.
I'll check the info u gave me.
Thanx for link, hes; here's another one
(next link is broken today, but in case it comes back:)

There are several freebies available. I think MicroSoft's is now free, as in they don't want to deal with it anymore, for upgrades, for support, etc. They include it on some CDs without advertisement, so you might want to check yours, save looking for latest 'good' download.  For most part I'll ditto Neutron, while it is rather contrary to Windoze security needs, it is a good fit inside of C lang. and others, and grabbing a compiler that fits your specific higher level languages and tools has inherrant advantages.
There are
A86, TASM, NASM, MASM (i think it's the best) and many more...
If u want, give me your email and i'll send it.
Didn't know that java could make use of inline assembler :-/....good to know!! :-)
vndAuthor Commented:
erezsh , email me the info to

Why would you want to use asm for low level in Java when you can write native code in C or any other language?

...and still, you can inline code that _really_ must be written in asm.

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