I need to paint a word-wrap-paint a long string on a given TRect in canvas.

earlier I did it using a hidden TMemo, but now I need to do it manually.
please help me with that.
(basically I am getting a string, a canvas and a rect, and I need to transform it to TStrings).
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ITugayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi duke_n,

DrawText API function.

here is a sample:

  S: String;
  R: TRect;
  S := Memo1.Lines.Text;
  R := ClientRect;

  DrawText(Canvas.Handle, PChar(S), Length(S), R, DT_WORDBREAK);

I can flesh this out later, but TCanvas has three function, textWidth, textHeight & textExtent (the later returns both of the former). With these you can construct substrings, checking for the width of the currtent string in the canvas's current font.

duke_nAuthor Commented:
I know about those functions.
but also I need to wrap words - not letters.

I need each time to find space, and if a single word is bigger than the line then I DO have to wrap it in the middle of it, and this is a pain in the butt. I would probably write it the most ugly and inefficient way
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duke_nAuthor Commented:
Yes, great(but to immitate a Memo better I use DT_WORDBREAK or DT_EDITCONTROL - looked up in the help :) ).

A pity though. When I had TStrings I could draw them manually with even vertical gaps - this one cannot even center it vertically(even without gaps between lines): DT_VCENTER works only for singleline.
You can draw text from TStrings, no any problems. There is DrawTextEx API function that allow you to calclulate rectangle where the text will be placed without drawing. Use this function first time to calculate rectangle and second time to draw text. Do this steps for every line in TStrings.


PS: look at DT_CALCRECT value for dwDTFormat parameter.

duke_nAuthor Commented:
Yes, but How do I get those TSTrings???
DrawTextEx doesn't parse the string to TStrings for wordwrap
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