Frame Relay Problem

We have multi-point Frame Relay set up for 3 sites,
using Cisco routers. Now one of Site's routers
when typing "sho fr map" shows all DLCI maps as DELETED.
Any ideas?
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Dear aalborz:

This output would normally be seen in one of three cases:
1) as Irmoore pointed out, either it is a provider problem somewhere between your routers.
2) You have misconfigured a dlci or assigned it to the wrong interface/subinterface.
3) You are using a wrong lmi type.  As Irmoore also illuded to, these are autosensed after IOS version 11.1, and do not need to be hard configured.  
If you are hard configuring your lmi's, and using all Cisco equipment use: frame-relay lmi-type cisco. If you are connecting to another vendors equipment use: frame-relay lmi-type ansi. There is a third option: lmi-type q933a, but it is not likely what you need.
****Be sure in any case that your lmi type is the same end to end.  
Likewise, your encapsulation type must be the same end to end. If connecting Cisco equipment, configure the interface/subinterface with the command: encapsulation frame-relay cisco.  If you are connecting your Cisco router to non-Cisco equipment, use : encapsulation frame-relay ietf.
When you do a show frame-relay pvc you can check the status of your pvc, view its assigned dlci, and associated interface/subinterface. If all appears correctly configured, but the status of the pvc is inactive or deleted, there is a problem somewhere between the routers and it could be a provider problem.  Hope this helps, Chris
Sounds like your frame provider may have changed LMI type, or your circuit is down. did you explicitly set it, i.e.
Interface Serial 0/0
 frame-relay lmi-type ansi[cisco]

If you have a line similar to the above, remove it and the router will attempt to auto-sense the LMI type:

 no frame-relay lmi-type ansi

Give it a couple of minutes and see if they come back. If not, your telco has a problem and you need to escalate it.

When you do "show interface" does your serial interface show line DOWN protocol DOWN, or line UP protocol DOWN?

This means you are not getting lmi keepalives.
You can do a debug frame lmi to see if you are receiving them.
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Some good advice, however, did somebody not pay a bill?  DELETED could mean no PVC configured from the CO.  

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