system.mdw corruption

We recently experienced system.mdw file corruption almost daily.  This is very unusual as we only had backend file (xxx.mdb) or frontend file corruption in the past, but never system file. Now while the backend and fronted databases are stable, we got daily system.mdw corruption.  We have noticed that once the system.mdw file goes up to around 512kb, it will not let anymore user to log in.  The user who is trying to log in to the database will now get a warning dialog box "Can't recognize database system.mdw..."  At this moment we will have to ask everyone to log out and do a repair and compact the system.mdw file.
The only thing special with our environment this that:
We are on Citrix with Windows 2000 with 4 pair of frontend-backend files, with each pair having a unique system.mdw file.
We don't know if by installing Office Service Release (SR-1a) and Service Pack (SP-2) is the solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I have made a concious decision to not use the system password method at all, in other words I do not use mdw's.  I create a login screen within that application itself. and record the users password and login id's in a table.  once the user passes that screen then the app will open.  I can hide the userlogin table for security reasons.  And by doing it this way, there is no limit to the number of logon users that can be using the app.  Not only that, there is no pesky MDW file to contend with.  However, the mdw file allows you to give rights and permisions to users but how often is that really used let alone inforced.  Rights and permissions can be applied in a login screen as well it only requires a little more inginuity and code.  As you are finding out the mdw file can pose major inconveniences, and that is the reason I've abandoned it altogether.  

I have an app that uses a real basic login screen and if youlike I can send it to you, so you can see the process I follow.  it's real easy and simple.  I have learned to apply the Kiss method, it's easier on my sanity.

I also use SE's method. Gave up a long time ago on that mdw file. First login screen as startup form can decide which menu they will see (if you have more than one). Open and close events of forms, reports, etc can check the userid and allow or disallow opening, return the user to the proper start menu, etc. And it is not as difficult as it sounds. Grab the userid from the login screen and carry it throughout the prg. I have a field in my logins table that puts each user in one of 2 groups. I can add other groups if I need but basically I have readers and writers to the db. Readers are not allowed to all screens. I check on open and close of the forms and reports for UserGroup and if they are in the proper group they can open, if not they get a message and the form will not open.
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