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Can anyone show me where to download DirectX 7 samples ?
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hongjunConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to
Then search for DirectX
Download the correct version from the site.

Oops... Sorry. What I gave you is DirectX 7.0 drivers.

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Hi this might help lots of cool DirectX download one of the best sites ever.

if you can't find what your looking for here then You ant going to find it anywere.

good luck.
a14b12Author Commented:
Thanks all, but I'm new with DX7, so I'd like to have standard samples. I know there're some in MSDN but I can't find it. Can you show me where I can download those samples.

I have some samples in my MSDN library (Visual Studio 6 Ent. Edition) but they are written using Visual C++ and not VB.
The source codes I showed you are simple VB applications using DX7 classes.
You can also take a look of a DX7 tutorial (using VB):

good luck


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a14b12Author Commented:
Thanks for all your helps. Sorry that I have forgotten this subject.
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