Weird Errors with Winsock and Borland Builder TClientSocket

Posted on 2001-06-30
Last Modified: 2012-06-21

I have created a few applications using Borland C++ Builder 5.0. I code on a Win 98 SE box running Winsock 2.2. I have no problems running my program.

Also, a lot of people who downloaded my programs have absolutely no problem running them. These programs use TClientSocket for http analysis (get a webpage and analyze it). However, quite a few people are unable to use my programs.

Although they use the identical servers, the identical urls, all they get is a bunch of Winsock Async 11001 DNS lookup failures, and Winsock 10049 (Socket already in use) errors. They are using the correct settings, its not a question of their settings.

I asked them to check their OS/dlls, they are also running Win98SE with Winsock 2.2. They are not running the program from behind a firewall which performs NAT. Other normal Winsock programs run fine.

Any idea WHY this could be happening ? Its very frustrating.

Question by:bluezen
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It could simply be possible that the DNS server your users are querying does not know (temporarily) how to resolve the URL. This happens from time to time with dialup providers, when either their zome files are not correctly updated or the DNS server is clogged up ...

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It could simply be possible that the DNS server your users are querying does not know (temporarily)
how to resolve the URL. This happens from time to time with dialup providers, when either their zome
files are not correctly updated or the DNS server is clogged up ...

Yes I thought of that. However, they get errors 10049 and 10061 too...which are pretty inappropriate. They get flooded with errors, even though they are able to visit the SAME site in their browser at that moment.

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Well, a quick workaround would be to place an entry in the 'hosts' file (<tab>123.456.789.0)- if the error is remedied, you found the culprit...
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Check viruses in such computers.
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So you are saying that the ONLY place you are seeing this is with WIN98SE and WINSOCK 2.2?  (Of course, WIN98SE comes with WINSOCK 2.2).  

I'd be interested in testing a Win95 system with WINSOCK 2.2 installed to see if you problem is specific to Win98 or to WINSOCK 2.2.  Yes, Windows NT4 and W2K have WINSOCK 2.2 but it appears to be a completely different implementation than the Win9x one.

Have you tried testing this yourself on a Win98SE system?  I've written many WINSOCK apps and have never seen a specific problem on this setup but I'm not very familiar with the Borland TClientSocket library.  

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Well thats an obvious thing to try. I tried putting in an ip address instead of the hostname, to avoid dns lookup failures, and it still didnt work.

Basically I run a Win98SE system myself and have no problems whatever...its running Winsock 2.2.

People with Win95 systems have the same problem even after installing the Winsock update for Win95.

People with Win98 and Winsock 2.2 have the same problems.

People with Win2k dont seem to have problems.

The 11001 errors cause the 10049 errors as the socket is attempted to be used though the error occurs (Im not trapping the 11001 error).

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I think you forgot this question. I will ask Community Support to close it unless you finalize it within 7 days. Unless there is objection or further activity,  I will suggest to refund the points and PAQ at zero points since nobody had a solution for you.

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