I was suggested to use WIN API Spy.
Where can I find such a thing?
Thank you in advance.
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One useful tool is Numega/CompuWare's SoftICE.  This lets you break on and examine all calls to a Windows DLL or just specific API functions.

If you're wanting to understand how a particular app does its "thing" this is an invaluable tool.

It's possible to "hook" specific Windows API calls using techniques described in Jeffrey Richter's Programming Applications for Windows book but I'm not aware of a general purpose Windows API spying tool.

Perhaps the thought was of the BoundsChecker tool.  This can, when used on your app linked with a specially built run-time library, spy on all Windows API calls and it will validate the parameters to the calls.  It's a useful debugging tool but it won't "spy" in general.
Another tool to spying for API called from exe file
is Matt Pietrek apispy tools from book named "Windows95
System Programming Secrets" with floppy disk supplyed
source code. This tool (apispy32.dll + apispyld.exe) can save to logfile values passed to functions and returned values. Later i added to this tool some my tool,s to spy for nonsystem dll's whenever they are called but this required to modify dll's code to let system load myspy.dll
(similar as Matt Pietrek's one). But this all can't spy for system dll's as SoftIce debbuger.
Free Tool: Subnet Calculator

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One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Well, did you manage to download one of these?
sisadminAuthor Commented:
I'm learning how to use for this purpose (API spying )Numega SoftICE product. Any information will be helpfull.
thank you.
sisadminAuthor Commented:
I've downloaded the SoftICE program. I see that ir's a very powerfull utility, but how can I spy WIN API calls for programs I don't have sources for them? By analazing the assembly code?
sisadminAuthor Commented:
Thank for all of you, but jhance SoftICE suggestion was most helpfull
Adrien de CroyCommented:
in case anyone else comes in here looking for API spy software, you should note that Compuware SoftICE has been discontinued.
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