CString exception error in a DLL

I have a class in a DLL.
It is currently dynamicly linked to the MFC's.
This is a code snipet from the base class.
Everytime I try to run it I get an exception error at the line:
ConPath = "ODBC;DSN=Simply: ";
If I comment out this line the next exception error occurs at:

Seems to be the CString class (and yes I have included the header file for the CString class..:) )

Any suggestions would be appreciated..

class  CAccounts  
     long NoAccounts;
     long NoTxs;    
     CTime CurrentUsingDate;
     CString ConPath;
     CString Filename;

void CAccounts::OpendataBase()    
ConPath = "ODBC;DSN=Simply: ";
CFileDialog FOpen(TRUE,"*.sdb","*.sdb",OFN_HIDEREADONLY,"Simply Data |*.sdb ||");
     if (FOpen.DoModal()==IDOK)

     Filename = Filename.Left(13);
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PacmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think that the problem is in the code you posted.
Maybe some memory overwriting in another part of your program ?
Is this sutisfied:
You have to use only combinations Debug DLL with Debug App, and Release DLL with Release App.
dooley090698Author Commented:
Odd thing though is if I change the CString variables to char and use the string manipulation routines (ie strcpy , strlen etc.) all seems to works fine.
dooley090698Author Commented:
Oh and this is the debug version btw
dooley090698Author Commented:
well I found the problem...
Would you believe I had declared the class in the main exe but never created an instance of it.....DOH!!!!!
That seemed to clear things up.....
If I keep making STUPID STUPID mistakes like that figure I should maybe take up another hobby!!  :)
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