Getting time and date with preprocessor

In my application I want to display the build time and date in about box.
That is the time/date the EXE was built.
Therefore I need the actual time and date at compile time.

Anybody know an easy way to get this time and date?
I don't want to take the file date at run-time.

A preprocessor macro would be fine.
Any ideas ?

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GloriousRainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To help you perform such processing, the C preprocessor assigns the constants __DATE__ and __TIME__ to the current date and time.
printf("Beta testing: Last compiled %s %s", __DATE__, __TIME__);
PacmanAuthor Commented:
Compiler is MS VC6.0 ...
doesn't have to be ANSI solution
PacmanAuthor Commented:
That's it!
Thank you
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