using an object inside a console application

Hello there!

here's my problem:

i have a console application, in this app i need to use an object that one of the arguments in the .create is the owner. when you call this object from a normal GUI app you either pass a tlistview or a tmemo as the owners.

if i pass a nill pointer then it will crash and burn with a horrible exception, and if i change the code so it won't requiere this param then it won't work.

is there anyway i can pass an "owner" comming from a console application?

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> is there anyway i can pass an "owner" comming from a console application

Not that I know of.
Unless you create a form first of course...
This 'clumsy' code will work though:

var m: TMemo;
  m := TMemo.Create(nil);
  m.ParentWindow := GetDesktopWindow;;

I don' see a reason why you want to do this..?
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urifAuthor Commented:
i don't want to do this, but the code i need in inside a vcl component, and rewrite the whole code it's far more difficult
What about passing the application object?

Mike, that won't work because there's no window.

urif, I don't understand what you are trying to do. Console apps in VCL doesn't make sense to me.
If I understand corectly a parent has to be a window, no? - but an owner is any TComponent descendant?

Yes, but that TComponent descendant has an owner too. Just try it: In a Console application, create a TListBox with nil as Owner. Then add an item to the listbox. It will crash.
i can't test it just now as I don't have access to a copy of delphi until tomorrow, but I would think you could do this:

 memo1 := TMemo.create(application);


No, that won't work. Crashes as soon as you try to add a line:


Strangly enough

  memo.text := 'somettext';

works ok.
I wonder if it a drawing thing, or related to IStrings?.  I would be tempted to guess the former.  Perhaps urif's mystery object isn't bound so - after all he's coding a console app.

urifAuthor Commented:
well, thank you all, but you are going to the extreme here.

basically this is it:

i have a unit (pascal??? basic unit???) this unit has the code i need. this code on the create funtion has two paramaters, one is a boolean and the other an object where the rest of the code will save tje putput, this object according to the author is the owner.
this code happens to be a vcl component, that's all, no complications. sorry if i mis-explained.

now, i need to be able to use this from a console application.

any way?

Without seeing it I can only guess - though perhaps you caould pass a TStringList? It's defined in classes, does no drawing & works just fine in a console.  Without knowing just how this unit "will save the output" I'm just guessing.


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urifAuthor Commented:
it might be worth a try
i'll let you know tomorrow

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