Question for FENATU ref: ASP Chat

Hi again Fenatu :-)
I've got a question about this ASP CHAT that i mailed
you. The one you helped me with.
Everythings OK, but when you create the temporary chat
rooms, they will stay there and won't go away until
you restart the server.
Now, the problem with that is that if you put it online
and you get 30+ people creating there own chat rooms you
will be left with a lot of chat rooms + your default ones.
The problem would be that you would have to call your
ISP to restart their server, which they are not going to
Is there a way that when everyone leaves the temp room
it's erased or something like that.
Or do you know a way to avoid this problem.?

Thanks again.

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FenatuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check your email, if you haven't already.

And yes...yes I am. ;) Heh. I know I'm not, but I like to think I am. (This after picking up an ASP book 6 months ago)
Uhhhh. Hmm. I'd have to look at the code and rewrite something in it. Gimme a while.

And, btw, THANKS FOR THE POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahh. I dunno about this, man. It's fairly complicated. And if I did it, it would delete the default chatrooms, too. I'll look over it more in my spare time today and get back to ya.
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sfernAuthor Commented:
thanks man.

I've almost got it. Just working the kinks out right now.
sfernAuthor Commented:
Great Thanks.

You are the best man :-)

sfernAuthor Commented:
Of Course you are :-)
Just going to download it and try it OK?

Be right Back :-)
sfernAuthor Commented:
It's works great :-)

Thanks a million for all your troubles.

Have a great day, and thanks again.

sfern (Steven) :->

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