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I have a book on DirectX 7.0 which talks of DirectX Transform which is I suppose comes with the DirectX Media SDK.

However when I checked with Microsoft's site, I found no place where I could download DirectX Media from. The DirectX Media SDK homepage offers no download links :-). Please advise where I could find the DirectX Media SDK for download.

Thanks in advance.
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ct.smithConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not familiar with the fade transform.  I only know about this particular point because the same API contains the mpeg & audio streaming our project needed, which I wasn't coding myself, but I had to deal with the organizational difficulty this caused our group when we switched from version 7 to 8.

So unfortunatly, if no one else here knows, you'll have to dive into the documentation and search this one out yourself!

It is entirely possible that it does not exist in DX8 also.  Other important APIs, most notably all of DirectDraw, were depricated and dropped from DX.
As far as I know, DX7 can no longer be downloaded (only DX8 is still available)
For dx8 goto

then on the left part (some sort of treeview) select Graphics and Multimedia -> DirectX -> DirectX 8.0a SDK

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priyendraAuthor Commented:

Thanx for replying. But what I want to know is that does Microsoft still support applications made in DirectX Media SDK although that API has been officialy deprecated??

Unless you pay MS some serious support money, don't count on support for depricated APIs.  This is one reason I avoid DX where possible in my programs;  It gets reversioned and depricated too quickly and then support disappears for your existing code.

Fortunately all the DXMedia functionality exists in DX8.  So you'll need to dive into your code and update your interfaces.  With a bit of luck and some long hours, you might actually get it to work.
priyendraAuthor Commented:
Hi ct. Smith!!

Well could you please enlighten me on exactly what changes I would have to make to my code in order that it be compatible with DirectX 8.0.

The only use of DirectX Media I have in my application is the I use the fade transform availible with the DirectX Transform SDK. I searched the documentation for DirectX 8 and found no mention of the transform interfaces anywhere.

Please advise.
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