PAL support of ATI Radeon 64MB DDR 4x AGP Vivo card

Does any one know that ATI Radeon 64MB DDR 4x AGP with
Video in and Video out supports PAL system? In ATI's web
site, it says that "A PAL edition of Radeon supports Pal.". Does this means that there are two kinds of ATI Radeon 64M DDR board? I tried to purchase one from However, their sails people have no clue of whether the board is PAL edtion or not. So if there are two editions of ATI Radeon 64 MB DDR board, how can I
tell which one is PAL edition?
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I have one - I'll read my documentation when I get home tonight and let you know what it says.

oatnusigmaAuthor Commented:
Thank you Edmund. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards
Well, I have read everything, and the word PAL is not on any piece of paper that came with my card.
It talks about SCART for Euro tv's.
It says there may be more info with the docs that were installed on my computer.  Let's check.
Here's something:
If you set your custom capture settings for PAL and then switch video standards to NTSC (or set for NTSC and switch to PAL) then the capture sizes will be incorrect for you capture settings. To fix this, go into the capture settings dialog and re-select the capture format settings.
That would seem to imply you can just tweak some settings and away you go.  Lets see if there's anything else.
All the help files are in some nasty format - I'll have to boot into Windoze - back in a few-


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OK - Good news, it does.
From the docs:

To edit an AVI capture format

Select AVI Capture in the Custom Settings dialog, then click the Edit? button.  Capture Wizard (Step 1) appears.
     Enter a name and description (if desired) for the preset, then click Next.>.  Capture Wizard (Step 2) appears, where you specify video and audio capture properties and compression.
     Select the Video Standard (NTSC, or PAL), FrameRate, and Size.
     Select the Audio Format and video codec.  If you select  DV Video Encoder, you can click the Configure button to customize its settings.  

Click Finish.  Your edited, AVI capture preset appears in the Custom Settings dialog.

I don't know if it's just my model, but in case, I have a Radeon VE 64mb DDR.



TV Help v7.0.1 Copyright ?2000 ATI Technologies Inc. ;>)
oatnusigmaAuthor Commented:
Thank you Edmund. Do you purchased your card within US or outside US?
In the good old US of A, at a big, national retailer called Best Buy, so I think I have a pretty 'normal'
Radeon VE - Best Buy doesn't carry anything but mainstream
BTW - it's awesome, although under Linux I had to jump through some hoops because it's so new.  Under Windoze it is perfect, of course.


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